Mother Earth Gardens      and Design Inc.
       "Creating and Maintaining Sustainable Gardens"

​Mother Earth Gardens and Design Inc., located in Port Coquitlam, BC creates and maintains environmentally friendly
​ gardens recognizing that working with nature transforms a high maintenance landscape into an​ attractive labor and cost savings ecoscape.


We create beautiful planters 

We create 'right plant right place' planting plans 

We create garden designs
Shade gardens/Full sun
Butterfly/Hummingbird gardens
Vegetable gardens
Scented/Unscented gardens
Rose gardens
Perennial gardens
Color theme gardens​​​​​ ​​

Spring and fall clean up ​

Planting/ pruning /weeding​

Monthly landscape maintenance ​

​Mowing lawns​​

Residential maintenance

Consultation services​​​​

What Does Working With Nature
​Mean to You.

This creates a healthy landscape for people, plants, birds, pets and beneficial insects. In turn it contributes to cleaner air and waterways. It attracts pollinators.

It is cost effective as you will spend less money on fertilizers and pesticides and less time on weeding and watering. ​

We use ornamental and native plants. Native plants attract wildlife, restore habitat and native plants are beautiful. We avoid invasive species.​

We use the right plant and plant it in the right place. We choose the 
m​ost suitable plants taking into consideration the growing conditions, plant characteristics and any special ornamental effects​​. We use edible shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees.

​​​​​Variegated Red Twig Dogwood

Cornus Alba Elegantissima​

This four season plant provides bright red twig color in the winter, variegated leaves from spring to fall and white spring flowers followed by berries in the late summer.


The Garden in March

March is a busy month as it is time to start cleaning the garden if you haven't started in February. All debris from the winter should be removed from the garden as it provides great hiding places for pests and diseases. Winter debris should not be thrown in the compost pile. There may be infected leaves such as rose leaves, hidden pests such as cutworms, snails, slugs and other unwanted pests.

It is a good time to to get a head start on the weeding. Perennial weeds such as ivy, buttercup, dandelions etc. should not be put in the compost. After the clean up is finished it is a good idea to mulch with a couple if inches of well rotted manure or compost. This feeds the soil, conserves water and keeps back the growth of weeds.

Perennials can be lifted and divided as well as planting new ones. Ornamental grasses can be cut down. Shrubs or trees can be planted and moved to a new location if required.

​​Seed or sow new lawns. Patch and repair lawns as needed. Edge and mow lawns when 3 inches high. Aerate and apply dolomite lime.

Check for slugs and snails. Snail eggs look like little white fish eggs. Remove and destroy. If your soil seems to lack nutrients or the plants don't seem to thrive take a soil sample for testing. Recommendations will be made to improve soils

Prune roses by cutting out dead, diseased or damaged branches and all spindly shoots. Apply a handful of organic rose food. Prune mophead and lacecap hydrangeas. Cut off old blooms by cutting above a strong pair of buds. Remove any spindly canes and old leggy shoots can be cut to the ground. This encourages new growth.

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